A piano quartet in an unusual setup, all in a semicircle including the piano, which is usually behind
A piano quartet in an unusual setup, all in a semicircle including the piano, which is usually behind
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In a nutshell

The three stereo recordings below are of Mozart’s piano quartet K478 (1st movement). All video is identical. The first two have sound images that are dynamically adapted to the video image. The first one has a moderate adaptation and the second has more significant changes to the audio field so that you hear instruments in the same part of the audio field as the video. The third recording is a regular fixed stereo sound provided for reference. Please wear headphones or better still listen with real stereo speakers well positioned to the screen’s side. …

Éloge funèbre a ma femme de 30 ans

Il y a plus de 35 ans, on s’écrivait nos premières lettres d’amour. Ensuite, les emails et les textos sont passés par là et on a totalisé des milliers de messages d’amour. Ceci est la dernière lettre d’amour que je t’écris.

Tu auras été mon soleil durant plus de la moitié de la vie, et même si je compte bien devenir très vieux pour veiller sur nos enfants, tu auras été mon autre moitié pour au moins le tiers.

Pendant ce temps, tu auras été ma fierté, mon amour, mon amie et…

This blog has been brewing for several years. As I’m locked down in rural Essex (UK), the global pandemic brings a sense of urgency to my dilemma. The whole world had never just stopped before, in our lifetimes. As I write, I’m fortunate not to have been personally affected by the tragedy of the loss of life, for which I am very grateful.

As many have noted, the global situation is also an opportunity for us to question the very structure of our societies. As candidly as possible. Clean air, unpolluted skies, strangers looking after each other, have been the…

Use Cases described in the White Paper

At the end of 2019, together with leading consulting firm MHP, a Porsche company, we published a white paper on the state of the art of blockchain in the automotive sector. Sebastian Becker and I were the main contributors from RIDDLE&CODE.

Here’s a reminder of the use cases that are described in it as well as some new information on track and trace issues in the automotive industry. I’ll explain how some blockchain project challenges pre-date blockchain itself, especially in supply chain management or track and trace applications.

The automotive industry’s CASE acronym well structures the ten first blockchain-based use…

Are gaming and its user experience a new opportunity for operators?

There’s a new hype sweeping the ISP world. It started with the ever-growing importance of connectivity at home. As our lives become more and more digital, so does the importance of our Internet access. A few years ago, we started seeing Wi-Fi enter Maslow’s pyramid of human needs, initially as a joke, but always near to, or at the bottom.

A triangle with Wi-Fi at its bottom, then survival etc. all the wap to self-actualization at the top.
A triangle with Wi-Fi at its bottom, then survival etc. all the wap to self-actualization at the top.

Wi-Fi has now become a much more significant concern for operators. Until recently, call centre personnel would have little advice for users complaining of Wi-Fi coverage issues at home except to advise them to buy retail Wi-Fi repeaters. …

© Sven Hoffmann

With IBC, Europe’s largest broadcast trade show, coming up this week, I’d like to take a moment to explore some of the links between content, telecoms, IoT and security. I’ll look into whether Blockchain might fit into the picture by bringing trust.

The IoT industry is poised for mass adoption and security is one of the critical aspects holding it back. The content industry has been grappling with security for decades. What can we learn from that to better secure IoT devices and machines? Users will indeed never trust a connected front door lock if there is a realistic chance…

Can the combination of three of today’s most hyped technologies deliver greater efficiency to industry, open new marketplaces and change society?

Photo Sven Hoffmann

The interconnectedness between individuals and companies has been growing for decades at an ever-increasing rate. Our lives and work are ever more connected. Now machines are also communicating with machines — the printing press, the telephone, broadcast media, or the internet, each added momentum. Blockchain technology is ushering in another wave. This technology further facilitates exchanges and creates new marketplaces.

DLT is ideally positioned to enable 5G to fulfil its promise of connecting many more devices. Being able to…

Paint still wet on demos, so need some imagination, but wow-effect is there, for 8K, tiling and VR!

8K TV in the showroom captures on iPhone

France TV has used the French Open tennis championship to experiment with new TV technology for many years. It was already here, over fifteen years ago, that the first French glass-to-glass live HD TV transmissions happened and then, less than a decade later, the first live sports 4K transmission.

This year, France TV Labs, kindly extended an invitation to me to have a look at their first #8K experimental coverage and many other innovations.

Thierry Fautier has already described the technical setup…

Image source: https://www.avsforum.com/8k-samsung-advanced-display-summit/

Is #8K yet more hype to push TV set sales to unsuspecting viewers or an unstoppable new trend that is already coming? For over a year now I’ve been itching to get to off the fence.

However, ever since I read Daniel Kahneman’s Think Slow Think Fast(thanks for the recommendation @Arnaudb92) I lost faith in expert predictions on any subject including my areas of expertise and especially in my predictions. I’m nevertheless going to stick my neck out because I see so many wrong reasons used to dismiss 8K. I know I’ll look foolish if you out dig this blog…

My eulogy, read at my father’s funeral, September 2018

My dad, Walter Schwarz, Summer 2006

There are so many things to talk about in a father-son relationship, and I had three weeks to write this. This file was version 18. In the end, I’m only going to talk about music because, in the process of writing, I learnt how important it was for us.

This eulogy to you dad is no longer about:

  • The trials and tribulations of a father-son rivalry (beating you at chess at 8, being the DIY person at home from age 12, coping with boredom better than you ever could, …)
  • It isn’t either about you not being a natural dad…

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