A piano quartet in an unusual setup, all in a semicircle including the piano, which is usually behind
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In a nutshell

Use Cases described in the White Paper

Are gaming and its user experience a new opportunity for operators?

© Sven Hoffmann

Can the combination of three of today’s most hyped technologies deliver greater efficiency to industry, open new marketplaces and change society?

Photo Sven Hoffmann

Paint still wet on demos, so need some imagination, but wow-effect is there, for 8K, tiling and VR!

8K TV in the showroom captures on iPhone

Image source: https://www.avsforum.com/8k-samsung-advanced-display-summit/

My eulogy, read at my father’s funeral, September 2018

My dad, Walter Schwarz, Summer 2006

Ben Schwarz

Innovation consulting, TV technology, Blockchain, VR, Writing, Public Relations, QoE, Music, Sustainability

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